Safety is Our #1 Priority.

Krazy Bounce ensures the safety of both our customers and staff every step of the way.

  • Regular Inspections

    Our staff regularly inspects and maintains our inflatable units to ensure they meet the highest safety standards. All units are properly inspected and cleared before deployment.

  • Safety Protocol

    Our inflatables strictly adhere to the setup and operation instructions provided by our trained staff. Proper setup and anchoring are crucial for the stability of the inflatable leaving a children-safe environment for our customers.

  • Professional Setup & Removal

    Our trained staff deliver, setup, and remove our inflatables within our safety guidelines & procedures. We will not setup anywhere we deem not safe for our customers and team alike.

KRAZY SAFE Checklist

Inflatable Inspection

We inspect each of our inflatables to ensure our safety standards are met.

Weather Check

In cases of inclement weather conditions, we always make the right call to ensure our staff and customer's safety.

Site Inspection

Our staff is trained to evaluate the location and setup area before properly and safely setting up your inflatable.

Power Source Check

Power sources are safely setup and secured to allow for a safe space for play.

Secure Setup

Our inflatables are safely anchored and secured to ensure stability and safety during your fun!

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.